Wanted Centrifuges

Kyte Centrifuge can now offer NX-418 size decanters (bowls 14" x 57") new at attractive pricing. Contact parts are 316 stainless and features of the design can be specified by the customer for quotation. Shipments are normally quick in the 6-8 week range. New controls are available. Oilfield skid decanter designs can be specified as well as standard designs and sanitary designs.

Below is a list of centrifuges that are wanted.

  Wanted Model(s) Information

Hutchison Hayes - 5500

For use in oil fields

Westfalia - SB 80-06

One Westfalia SB 80-06 bowl assembly

Westfalia - SC-120-06-777

Westfalia clarifier model SC-120-06-777 with motor, water harness, control, tools, piping connections, as-is only.