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History of Kyte Centrifuge

Ken began his centrifuge career as a Process Engineer for Sharples Centrifuge in Warminster, PA. Sharples is now owned by Alfa Laval. Ken spent six years in the Process Group at Sharples conducting tests at customer plants with rental test centrifuges including decanters, desludgers (Sharples was a Westfalia partner at the time), peelers, pushers, solid and perforate baskets, Supers and other types.

After another six years with the sales group at Sharples Ken left and worked for two different used equipment dealers before starting Kyte Centrifuge Sales & Consulting in 1999. Dave is a mechanical engineer and was a sales engineer with two different companies servicing the oilfield drilling and production industries. Liking what Ken did he joined Ken in about 2003 and soon opened his own company Kyte Centrifuge, LLC. Trevor Kyte has a business management degree and, after several years of not finding the right job fit, joined Ken in 2010 to assist with the business and centrifuge locating aspects of the company.

Kyte Centrifuge can now offer NX-418 size decanters (bowls 14" x 57") new at attractive pricing. Contact parts are 316 stainless and features of the design can be specified by the customer for quotation. Shipments are normally quick in the 6-8 week range. New controls are available. Oilfield skid decanter designs can be specified as well as standard designs and sanitary designs.