BioDiesel Examples

Kyte Centrifuge offers RECONDITIONED centrifuges for biodiesel applications. Prices start at $10,000 US dollars for the smallest models. Our centrifuges are suitable for instantaneous and continuous separations in the biodiesel process. Centrifuges supplied by Kyte Centrifuge are currently being used for:

  • A. Pre-treatment of Feedstock including: Separation of gums (degumming), solids, water, and free-fatty acids from various feedstocks.
  • B. Glycerin Separation: Separation of glycerine from biodiesel oil to ASTM specification levels.
  • C. Waterwash Separation: Separation of water from biodiesel oil to ASTM specification levels.
  • D. Dry Wash Solids Separation: Separation of magnesium silicate or other solids from biodiesel oil.
    • A large reference list is available. Contact us for detailed quotes.

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