Kyte Centrifuge Sales & Consulting

Specializing in centrifuge sales for of all your requirements -- reconditioned, as-is, or new.

The Kyte Centrifuge companies including Ken Kyte, Dave Kyte and Trevor Kyte have over 50 total years of centrifuge operational, optimizing , trouble shooting, sales, consulting and start up experience. Ken is a chemical engineer with a degree from the University of Delaware, Dave is a mechanical engineer with a degree from Oklahoma State University and Trevor has a business management degree from the University of South Carolina. We intend to assist our customers / clients for another 50 years and look forward to having you contact us with your centrifuge requirements.

KCS & C specializes in the used centrifuge requirements of our clients including:

* Sales -- reconditioned, as-is, or new.

* Test centrifuges available.

* Process centrifuge recommendations.

* Startup assistance.

* New controls supplied.

* Trouble shooting, centrifuge separation optimization and training.

* Inspection services with full reports and pictures.

* Reconditioning of all centrifuge types available

* Used Centrifuge disposal by sale, consignment or trade-in.

* Oilfield decanter centrifuges with skids offered NEW, three common sizes.

AT YOUR SERVICE: Ken Kyte, Chemical Engineer, Ph: 252-626-8083, Email: David Kyte, Mechanical Engineer, Ph: 832-368-2667, Email:

NOTE #1: BIOFUELS: Reconditioned Biodiesel, algae separation, cellulosic ethanol, stillage and grain ethanol used and new process centrifuges are available from worldwide sources with quick deliveries. With the high interest in these applications at this time, we have made a special effort to have the right design centrifuges available. Reconditioning, start up assistance and warranties included. Call for detailed quotes designed around your plant production rate. Prices start at about $10,000 US dollars for the smallest reconditioned biodiesel separators. Decanters available for the largest possible ethanol plants.

NOTE #2: READYMIX GRAY WATER SEPARATORS: North American supplier of gray water separator decanter centrifuges, used in concrete Readymix and similar plants. Call Ken Kyte.

NOTE #3: MANURE SEPARATORS: Now offering reconditioned decanters and new or reconditioned solid bowl basket centrifuge manure separators. See Item # 3 Inventory Page and Spotlight list this page listing the Triton Separator.

NOTE # 4: DRILLING MUD DECANTERS, OILFIELD CENTRIFUGES: We provide drilling mud used decanters used & reconditioned, by Alfa Laval, Sharples, Bird, HH, SWACO, DERRICK and other companies. New decanters now available in three popular sizes.

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